Are you tired of wearing suspenders because your belt rides over your stoma?

Are you fearful of damaging your stoma when you wear a seat belt, play with children or pets, or engage in physical activities?

Then the StomaGARD is for you!

Our patented stoma protector provides freedom from the fear of accidental contact.  Whether you're buckled in a seat belt, working around the home or office, or playing with pets or children, StomaGARD provides the assurance you need to be worry-free.  Our belt-less StomaGARDs are made of sturdy, lightweight plastic, and have adhesive backings that easily attach to any brand of pouch.  Virtually undetectable under clothing.  StomaGARDs are disposable, and sell in packages of five for $25.95.

Yes, I would like to order a set of StomaGARDs!

New!  We now offer a StomaGARD Kit which consists of two StomaGARDs fused together for added strength.  They are attached to the pouch with a plastic Velcro-like material that allows the RESUSE of the StomaGARD.  The StomaGARD Kit also contains five (5) 1" adhesive backed Velcro-like strips that allow the five-time use of the StomaGARD.  Each Strip is disposed of with the pouch.

Yes, I would like to order a StomaGARD Kit!