About Us


Sto Med was founded by Chuck McDowell in 1992.  After having an ileostomy, Chuck could not bear the thought of having to wear suspenders for the rest of his life, and soon invented the first StomaGARD.  His ET nurse saw his handmade StomaGARD, and urged him to patent and produce it for her other patients.  Chuck made the first StomaGARDs using some plastic and baking them in the family oven, but soon realized that the demand was too great, and he would need to expand.  After years of paperwork and obstacles, Sto Med Inc. was created.  We now had the StomaGARD in production, as well as the ShowerGARD, ActiveGARDHerniaGARD, SportGARD, SwimGARD and others. In 2008, our name changed to StoMedical LLC, but our great products and service remained the same.

StoMedical is a small, family-run business.  We genuinely care about our customers, and try to help solve their ostomy-related problems.  We hope that you enjoy our web site, and that our products will make your life a little easier.

(To read Chuck McDowell's story, click on his name)