Our unique aid for active lifestyles, the ActiveGARD provides the freedom you need to engage in a wide range of non-contact, vigorous activities.  Be it tennis, jogging, or intimacy, the ActiveGARD secures the ostomate's pouch and prevents it from harmful, uncontrolled movement.  The ActiveGARD secures and conceals the pouch, assuring the wearer to be free to pursue an active lifestyle without fear of embarrassment.

To wear the ActiveGARD, the pouch needs to be drained, and then rolled up and placed into the pocket-opening.  The ActiveGARD attaches with a wide Velcro band to insure its stability, and is intended for short periods of use (1-2 hours).  The plain ActiveGARD is ivory colored, and sells for $37.95, and the lace ActiveGARD comes in ivory (black is temporarily out of stock), and sells for $44.95.  The ActiveGARD is machine washable, and comes in its own travel pouch.

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